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If You Build It, They Will Come: Celebrating Levi’s Stadium
By Robert Haugh

With red, white and gold confetti streamers flying about, champagne flowing and a lavish reception, Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” would have been the perfect theme song for the ribbon cutting of Levi’s Stadium on July 17.

A who’s who of Bay Area politicos, luminaries, civic leaders and business representatives attended the bountiful celebration that was decades in the making.

Following cyclic remarks on the grandeur of the stadium, aptly dubbed by 49ers CEO Jed York as the “most phenomenal outdoor sports entertainment venue in the world,” the 1,500-plus attendees enjoyed an array of food selections from the stadium’s vast menu, live entertainment and camaraderie. The over-the-top, invite-only reception included a tribute to the over 1,000 stadium construction workers. Just prior to the ribbon cutting, hundreds of hard-hatters marched down the red-carpeted stairs in the main entry plaza to a standing ovation and deafening round of applause.

“Generations of dreams and aspirations ... Great City Councils and great leaders have paved the way for making this come to fruition,” said Mayor Jamie Matthews. “It took a community to raise a stadium,” he added, citing the citizens who voted to move forward with the stadium in the Measure J election...


Sports Briefs

Sports Briefs

Santa Clara Sparks Finish Season Strong
The Santa Clara Sparks’ teams swept the Wess Jones Memorial Softball Tournament in San Jose.

The Sparks’ 8U team went undefeated over the weekend on their way to the title, finishing their season with two first place titles and two second place finishes.

The 10U Sparks team also went undefeated at the tourney, making it back-to-back years...


International Baseball Comes to Santa Clara
By Larry Sacks

International Baseball Comes to Santa Clara

The uniforms, caps, gloves, chatter between players and coaches and rooting from the dugouts was the same, even if the language spoken and on the uniforms was different. But, the love of the game was on display as International Little League Baseball came to Santa Clara over the weekend of July 12...


The Scene Offers Musical Theater Education to Young People
By Cynthia Cheng

The Scene Offers Musical Theater Education to Young People

On a typical day at The Scene, a musical theater summer camp held at Santa Clara University, a group of students practice a choreographed number in one room. In another room, students gather in a circle for a theater game. In a third room...


This Week's Letters

I am enthusiastically supporting Dominic Caserta to the City Council, seat #5 because I know Dominic extremely well. I have taken three classes from Dominic over the last year.

Simply stated, Dominic is the best teacher I have ever had. He passionately teaches us daily with energy, power, and expertise that excites his students. He instills in us a sense of civic duty and service to our community. He has convinced me that I have a voice and that I can make a difference. He inspires me to service.

This is why I am so excited that he is running for our City Council. We need leaders who passionately inspire young people and I know firsthand that Dominic does that as a Santa Clara teacher.

Please consider joining me in supporting the best teacher I have ever had, Dominic Caserta, to the Santa Clara City Council, seat #5.

Jose Haro

Our society spends an excessive amount of time, money and attention on professional sports. We glorify the act of large men pummeling and knocking each other down, which often results in concussions or other serious injuries. All the while, the spectators of these events can sip expensive wine and savor fine gourmet food—as if the upscale character of the food served makes the inherent brutality of these events—such as football—more acceptable! Corporate entertainment of this kind can and does convey to our youth and the public at large that it is good and acceptable to be materialistic; to seek fame over giving to others; to pursue the goal of winning rather than the goal of playing well; and to value brute strength and hypermasculinity. Sporting events such as these should focus more on good sportsmanship and moral integrity and less on winning, material wealth, and fame.

Nick Dellaporta

Interactive Triton Event Bridges Gap Between Museums, Artists and Guests
By Melissa McKenzie

Interactive Triton Event Bridges Gap Between Museums, Artists and Guests

Museums are typically a hands-off zone. Guests enter, examine exhibits while strolling through the galleries, ponder the meaning of the art on the wall and leave. It’s a sterile experience - one that is enjoyed by many, but one that leaves some yearning for more interaction. While many institutions across the country are happy with the status quo, the Triton Museum of Art is changing how people perceive and connect to museums.

In its effort to bridge the gap between up-and-coming and established artists, as well as appeal to a younger generation and give guests a chance to immerse themselves in art, the Triton held its second Night @tritonmuseum, with approximately 400 people roaming the gallery throughout the evening of July 17.

As guests meandered through the exhibits, Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila sketched faces, poets and musicians bared their souls in front of a gathering crowd, Patrick Hofmeister put the finishing touches on his latest painting, Ron Garcia worked on a self-portrait, JoJo Pera lead a demonstration on how he creates his art, additional artists and craftsmen demonstrated their talents and a cannon hurled colorful chunks of confetti at a piece of glue covered paper...