By Miles H. Barber

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While the media and the press have been rather quiet lately about the implementation of Obama Care, private sector employees and employers are screaming.

Costs are rising faster than our National deficit and that’s not even the bad news.

The few remaining insurance carriers left in California are also reducing benefits making out of pocket costs to insured employees unbearable.

Of course the impact of these initial budget breaking costs will not be felt in the public sector immediately since public employees are covered by existing union contracts. The costs will be passed along to taxpayers for now.

In the future, less than a year from now, Obama Care will begin to kick into full swing.

If you think gas prices are high, just wait a few months until you begin to feel the hit on health insurance costs.

This initial legislation that was poorly drafted, hurriedly rammed through Congress, and signed by the President was coincidently timed to really take effect after the November 2012 elections.

Is it possible that the transparency touted in Washington should really take two years to figure out?

More likely because the bill is so onerous, oppressive and burdensome, the public had to be shielded from its diabolical effects.

Do you remember the great debate about health care in 2010? Remember the 2000 pages of government crafted legislation which was to bring us healthcare utopia in America?

Well, let’s take a look at where we are headed with the current status of this travesty.

Obama Care has grown, surprise, surprise!

The original legislative document has grown from 2000 pages of requirements to more than 20,000 pages of legalize, laws, regulations, penalties, fines and even terms of imprisonment for violators.

Oh, and let’s not forget the 200,000 new IRS agents it approves hiring to enforce these requirements.

You just have to ask, "If this is such a wonderful plan, why is our government creating a Nazi culture of enforcement?"

Can you imagine Steve Jobs creating a product that had to be forced down the throats of Apple’s customers? They would be known as Apple core.

This administration does not get it.

The old saying in sales still applies. It can look like dog food, smell like dog food, maybe even taste like dog food. But, if the dogs won’t eat it, it’s not dog food.

Having spent forty years in the health care industry this writer is appalled at what is being foisted on America as a health care panacea.

What is more disturbing, are the number of Californians who still believe this President understands how economics work.

While the Republicans may not have a charming, handsome, charismatic candidate like Obama the Republicans may offer a bright enough candidate to return us to fiscal and legislative sanity.