The Transformation of Mervyn’s Plaza
By Robert Haugh

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The Transformation of Mervyn’s Plaza

After years of talking over leases and rigorous planning, Santa Clarans are finally seeing the transformation of the dilapidated and blight Mervyn’s Plaza, which property owner Alex Byer is in the process of transforming into a Mission-style square plaza, known as Santa Clara Town Centre.

Anticipation for residents is beaming, with a 100,000-plus square foot Target as the main tenant. Additional pending tenants include Panera Bakery Bread & Grill, Chipotle, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, The Habit Burger Grill, SAJJ, Footwear Etc., Peninsula Beauty Supply, GNC, Sprint, Carter’s and more. Existing tenants such as China Stix, Kobe, All-Out Baseball, Hallmark, Baskin-Robbins, Subway and others will remain in the revamped center. Kobe and China Stix are among the merchants open during construction.

Architectural upgrades to the existing west wing (All-Out Baseball, Kobe, China Stix) are well underway, with demolition and new construction of other stores also commencing. Completion is expected in fall 2014.

The Transformation of Mervyn’s Plaza

According to a commercial listing by Meacham/Oppenheimer, Inc., there are several available spaces for lease, ranging from 1,100 to 24,545 square feet.

According to the website of Kahn Design Associates, the shopping center was last updated in the 1970s. “The renovation of the center brings contemporary retail design principles to bear on the entire site ... The architecture is enriched with a Spanish Colonial Revival style (based on the Santa Clara's "Mission City" heritage) and surrounded by gracious, richly landscaped walkways, plazas and courtyards. Shoppers will also enjoy new fountains, terraces and numerous opportunities for outdoor dining."

Project developers recently closed off a large portion of the property, with the location of Country Inn Café now just a memory as the building has been completely bulldozed.

Country Inn, which closed on June 30, will see their Santa Clara location, which had served the community for over 50 years, reborn as Holder’s Brothers Grill -- one of several new establishments at the revamped shopping destination.

Another casualty of the development was Fred Mauldin’s “Mid-Week Gathering” car show, which was held near Boston Market for the past eight years and attracted up to 300 cars on occasion. Maudlin and organizers received notice that the event would have to relocate shortly before their July 10 get-together - as the area they gathered at is now a construction zone. Mauldin is seeking a new location for the car gathering. If you know of available sites, call him at 408-247-6173.

The Transformation of Mervyn’s Plaza