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Freedom rings in Central Park with yearly Independence Day celebration
By David Alexander

Central Park brimmed with stars and stripes Monday. Flags flew from almost every conceivable surface. Several people wore plastic Uncle Sam hats. Old Glory adorned the faces of school-aged children in the form of face paint. One toddler’s T-Shirt read “Free to be cool.”

The park, located at 900 Kiely Blvd. in Santa Clara, teemed with people for the Independence Day celebration. People set up tents, enjoyed barbecue, pushed children on swings and listened to music that seemed to pour directly from the trees.

Edith Barbosa, 17, of Menlo Park, came out with her father Isidro Sanchez and her six younger sisters. As the oldest of the bunch, she said the event was a good way to spend time with the family playing volleyball and enjoying the nice weather.

“And also celebrating the importance of what happened (the American Revolution),” she said. “Fourth of July is a basic symbol of freedom...


Santa Clara Rotary Celebrates 80 Years of Service
By Carolyn Schuk

Santa Clara Rotary Celebrates 80 Years of Service

From making sure that every elementary school student starts the school year with properly-fitting new shoes through its "Steps for Success," to teaching young people how to take and idea and build a business around it through its Enterprise Leadership Conference, Rotary Club of Santa Clara is an active presence in the city.

And Santa Clara Rotary's good work reaches beyond city boundaries through natural disaster relief programs...


World Class Martial Arts Spectacular at SJCC Stadium
By Diane Andrews

World Class Martial Arts Spectacular at SJCC Stadium

Almost 600 martial arts students, instructors, masters and grand masters from across the nation paraded into the San Jose City College football stadium on June 25...


Santa Clara Fire Department’s 2016 Service Awards Ceremony Honors Life Saving Heroes
By Cynthia Cheng

Santa Clara Fire Department’s 2016 Service Awards Ceremony Honors Life Saving Heroes

The local Lions Club prepared a pancake breakfast. Orange juice was poured. Spread out on a table were blue and ivory pins reading “Life Saving...”


This Week's Letters

The 6/1 Weekly reported on the City Clean-Up Campaign and of course most of us (70%) are in favor of it continuing. A few people complained about the "mess and traffic." Well, would they rather have a street looking a little messy for a few days rather than having many front yards driveways, back yards etc. looking messy all year like some parts of San Jose? It looks like City Manager R. Batra wants to end the Clean Up at a closure at the appropriate time"; what does that mean? When people's sofas, fences, yard trees, etc. last forever?

If the data cited by the City director Staub are broken down such as the budget from ‘ 96 has increased from $1.1 million to now $2M. But inflation and population has increased since 1996. Now $1 in ‘96 is worth over $2 now, and the population went up about 25% from 98,000 to 122,00.

In ‘96 the cost per resident was about $22 per resident, in ‘15 about $16 per resident. For that service households are charged  $51 yearly. So congrats to the Santa Clarans and the City for doing better. The Clean Up Campaign is a good thing for Santa Clarans and we should keep it.

Rick Gillick

I wish to praise last week's Silicon Valley Chamber Music Festival held at the Triton Museum. The musicians were truly outstanding, the selections included well known classics as well as refreshing less known composers, the venue was beautiful, and the overall production appeared to come off very well. I was amazed by our good fortune to have such an exceptional musical event so conveniently in our city at our local museum.

Another surprising aspect of this event was that I could not find any mention of it at all in this paper. I found out about it from KKUP a local volunteer radio station. The attendance was good, most from outside the area, but I suspect more locals could have benefitted from this unique opportunity if it had been better noticed.

Hudson Washburn

In his column published June 24, Miles Barber rightly slams the VTA as incompetent and disingenuous and warns about the VTA's November sales tax measure. If the measure were to pass, the VTA would no longer have a reason to NOT seize lanes on El Camino Real for its "rapid transit" buses only. Let's be sure to vote NO.

Gary Wesley

City Observer: July 6, 2016
By Carolyn Schuk

City Observer

City Place Santa Clara Moves Forward

At its June 28 meeting, the Santa Clara City Council gave Related Companies the go-ahead for the developer's $6.1 billion largely commercial development project on Tasman Road, where the Santa Clara golf course is currently. The 230-acre project will be developed in eight phases, beginning in 2016.

Last week the Council approved the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), a General Plan amendment changing the land use designation and transportation management plan, a zoning change, the Development Agreement, the Disposition and Development agreement, an ordinance to allow 99-year leases, and a resolution to override the Airport Land Use Commission’s findings of inconsistency with noise policy; saying that noise impacts are limited and can be mitigated.

Most of this information has been available online since the beginning of June, according to Acting City manager Rajeev Batra. There have been nine project study sessions since 2013, when Related first formally proposed the development.

Most of the project (183 acres) of the site was formerly the city dump. Related will be constructing the development on a platform to prevent land settling and movement, and which will seal off the landfill to prevent any toxic seepage. However, California severely restricts housing construction on landfill, so significantly increasing City place residential development currently seems unlikely...