A Piano Sings at the Triton
By Carolyn Schuk

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A Piano Sings at the Triton

Last November the Triton Museum of Art ((www.tritonmuseum.org) took a step of faith. Director Jill Meyers and her dedicated team committed themselves to raising money for a Steinway upright piano that would help them to expand the museum's community arts and performance programs.

Local lovers of art and music responded enthusiastically. And a generous matching grant from State Assemblyman Kansen Chu and his wife Daisy – active supporters of local arts who were alerted to the fund-raising drive by Santa Clara City Council Member Teresa O'Neill – enabled the Triton to pay for the piano in less than six months.

South Bay pianist and teacher Tamami Honma of the Cal Arte Ensemble bought the instrument and installed it at the Triton, giving the museum a year to pay back the $3,000 cost (less than a third of the retail price). The piano debuted at the first Triton Sunday Gallery concert on April 24, part of the free Beethoven Odyssey musical series by Honma and violinist Julian Brown.