By Miles H Barber

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“You can fool some of the people some of the time...” and there seems to be a lot of fooling going on during these elections.

Just look at the “official” letter sent out by our Mayor and paid for by the Police Officers Association PAC. It is intended to have the look and feel of an authentic letter from the City.

It is not authentic. It is an election hit piece.

“Why?” you ask. “Why would the Mayor do that”?

Well, if our current Chief of Police Mike Sellers won’t support the Mayor’s theories of conspiracy and corruption in Santa Clara, she will attempt to find someone who will.

Remember folks, this Mayor was appointed, not elected. She has made allegations against our public safety officers not reporting their hours correctly for stadium related services.

In addition, the Mayor convinced the Council to spend $200,000 of your tax dollars on another audit. An audit that so far has turned up few discrepancies that have more to do with procedure and guidelines rather than corruption. There is a significant absence of facts that point to the hundreds of thousands of dollars she has alleged are owed to the City.

She has also challenged the stadium rental agreements with the 49ers that she herself proposed and approved as a Council Member four years ago.

This has caused the City and our citizens to now foot the bill for an expensive arbitration process with the 49ers which we will lose. We will lose because these agreements were written, ratified and agreed to by the City Council and the 49ers. These agreements have already been paid in full by the 49ers.

Our Mayor has made accusatory public statements that are off the charts and is now struggling to find a way out of the mess she has created for herself.

What better way to be “right” then to surround yourself with City Council members and staff that will say “Yes m’am! Anything you want m’am.”

Thank God for elections.

Just imagine, in Mike Sellers we have one of the most credible and credentialed Police Chiefs in California.

He is supported by every living Police Chief that has ever served Santa Clara. In addition, he is supported by our sheriff and virtually every police chief in the County.

AND HE WAS ELECTED. The only Police Chief to be elected in California.

By virtue of his election and because of you the voters, Chief Sellers retains his independence from political meddling.

It is frightening to think that a Mayor could (or might) attempt to run our police department.

It is more frightening to think that we have a mayor who has created Trump-like conspiracy theories about our City being full of corruption, kick-backs, dark money and payoffs.

You have seen her mailers. The ones with racial overtones. The ones showing “dark money” (49ers money) being received by Council candidates. Yet the truth is: not one dollar has been received from the 49ers by any Council candidate. What a deliberate attempt to deceive you.

This is an important election for both sides. The one side with the Mayor’s stable of “yes” women and the citizens side seeking objective, experienced leadership.

Santa Clara needs Council leaders with backbone, independence, tenacity, temperament and talent.

We need Mike Sellers as an independent Police Chief.

We need a conspiracy for council balance and common sense.